The first comprehensive, all-in-one training program created to give you the skills to master DNN!

The latest version of DNN/Evoq, with Liquid Content, is the most dramatic improvement to DNN ever released. And now, there's a training program that will help corporate content management teams and DNN consultants get the most out of building and managing DNN sites...

This is the DNN Training Academy!

DNN Training for Everyone

  • Set up and configure your site and its key pages
  • Manage users, pages and granular permissions
  • Create DNN themes and apply them to your DNN website
  • Add, edit, delete, move and configure modules
  • Create slick content approval workflows
  • Use DNN's social modules to increase user engagement and build a thriving community within your website
  • Add content with Liquid Content - drag-and-drop simple - no coding required
  • Build multi-language sites
  • ... and more!

Get all of the Skills to Master DNN...


Learn all about the DNN Persona Bar and get a complete, in-depth tour so you'll understand all the different functions that are available for configuring and building your site.


Learn how to set up your basic site configurations and update your basic site info and assigning key pages so you can hit the ground running out of the gate with your DNN site.


Learn how to manage users...create, edit, authorize and deleting users. Also learn how to manage user passwordsadd user profile fields, and more.


Take a deep dive into one of the most powerful features of DNN - Roles-Based Security. You'll learn how to assign granular permissions at the page, module, and even at the user-level. DNN's roles-based security is typically one of the more complicated areas of DNN. But we make it easy for you to grasp in just a few short lessons.


Learn how to add, edit, delete pages, move them around, save pages as templates and apply them to other pages for layout consistency, edit page settings, assign permissions, copy permissions to child pages and a lot more.


Learn how to create DNN themes and apply them to your DNN website. Learn all about the structure of DNN themes and DNN's CSS hierarchy and how different CSS files come into playAdd cool features to your pages using containers and how to create and add DocType XML files to ensure that your theme designs render correctly using HTML 5, which is really important.


Learn Learn how to easily add content and functionality to your DNN website in just minutes, by adding modules to your pages. You’ll learn how to add modules, edit and delete modules. You'll also learn how to move modules around your pages to create different layouts, configure module settings, and mirror content from modules to different pages, or all of your pages with just a couple of clicks of the mouse, saving you tons of time when building your site.

DNN is a modular CMS.



Learn how to assign start and expiry dates to content. So when adding pages or modules, you decide when you want your content to actually be shown on your website and when it should automatically be hidden.

Great for adding time-sensitive content in advance!


Learn how to use some of the most popular DNN core modules, like the HTML Pro module.

Add content to your DNN pages like a pro!


Learn how to enable multiple languages in DNN, translate content and site resources, add language packs, configure multi-language user settings, and more.


Learn how to create slick content approval workflows for your team or company.

Content management teams love DNN!

Liquid Content is a Game Changer...

...and it opens up all kinds of new possibilities. With Liquid Content, you create and add your content as structured content elements independent of layout. It's drag-and-drop simple for business coding create structured content items.

You'll learn how to publish with Liquid Content via visualizers...and you can select from a library with tons of built-in visualizers or create your own. And basically, when you add a visualizer to a page, you choose from a variety of designs and layouts, and then you decide which specific content items you want to display.

"DNN Training Academy will give you the knowledge to master DNN!"

Tracy Wittenkeller
President & Founder of T-WORX, Inc.


BONUS #1: Free DNN Themes

When you enroll, you get professional themes that you can download and use for your own DNN sites or for client sites. And you won’t have to pay any additional licensing fees to use them. Since we typically sell themes in the DNN store for couple hundred bucks each, if you download and use just three of the free themes, this a $597 value.

BONUS #2: Smart Liquid Content Templates

You’ll also get a number of free Smart Liquid Content templates. So you can create and add great looking, pre-styled content to your site…with no coding required…that will match the themes you be able to download. And with a little tweaking that you’ll learn how to do in the training, they’ll match whatever DNN themes you want to use them with. This is easily a $997 value.

BONUS #3: Build a Complete Site 

Another bonus will help you put everything you learn in DTA to practical use...we'll take you through, step-by-step...building a complete DNN site from start-to-finish, that you can download and use for yourself or your clients as the starting point for an amazing website. This could have you launching your next, great DNN website fast after going through this valuable bonus training. This is easily a value of $997.

BONUS #4: TNT Guide Series

You'll also get our TNT series of guides including DNN Smart Visualizers, DNN SEO, DNN Website Optimization, to help you get the most out of your DNN site. They’re going in and they’re a $397 value.

BONUS #5: Private Facebook Group Access 

As a DTA member, you'll get access to a private Facebook group were you can connect and share with other members. You know, when you're part of a close-knit community of likeminded people, it's amazing the help you can give and receive. So the private Facebook group is a huge value-added bonus when you enroll.

BONUS #6: Content Updates

We'll always be improving DTA, evolving it to be the most valuable DNN training tool for your needs, adding content and updates as new changes to DNN come out.

We'll be adding new lessons on a regular basis to maximize the value of DNN Training Academy.

Our Goal is to provide you with comprehensive, all-in-one training to give you the tools to master DNN in the shortest time possible!

And this doesn't even include all of the content!

We'll always be improving DTA, evolving it to be the most valuable DNN training tool for your needs, adding content and updates as new changes to DNN come out.

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